Can I fit 3 seats in my vehicle?

This is a common issue and your current vehicle that fitted two child restraints adequately may not work with three. So do you need to purchase a new car?

It has always been a challenge fitting three restraints across the rear seat of many vehicles but now with the new wider restraints it has become even more difficult!

Below are some things to consider.

  1. Anchorage location: Where are the anchor points located are they in a useable position that will not limit your cargo area.
  2. Seat Width: Is the rear seat wide enough to fit three restraints. The minimum you will require is 125 cm of flat usable seat, between side cushions without contours.
  3. Seat belt buckle location: Will the child seat/ booster sit on top of the fastening buckle and make it hard to reach or impossible to use.
  4. Boosters: Moving a child into a booster seat may cause more issues (as stated above) leave them in a full restraint until 18kgs or until they are too tall for they restraint as it is safer and easier to use.
  5. Safety: Be aware that every step up to the next type of restraint is a step down in safety.

"Installer is amazing!! I am recommending him to everyone from my mothers group"

"It was very pleasing to see the installer in the store helping a young mother carry a box of nappies to her in addition to installing a child car seat in her car."

"He was very pleasant to not only the customer but I also noticed how professional he was towards the staff at the store."